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You can compare Configurations or Snapshots to discover the differences between two saved Configurations or Snapshots and then copy differences from one to the other. For example, if you have taken two Snapshots of an environment and you want to create a Configuration that is based on the earlier Snapshot but includes some of the changes in the later Snapshot, you can compare the two Snapshots and copy the relevant changes from the later Snapshot into the earlier one.

For further information, see the following pages:

Before you begin

Ensure that the two Configurations that you want to compare do not contain schema validation errors. Validation errors are highlighted in the Source view of a Configuration with red underlining, as discussed in Searching and editing Configurations. A comparison of Configurations that contain validation errors might result in missing information.

To compare Configurations or Snapshots

In the Application Navigator, select the two Configurations or Snapshots that you want to compare, right-click, and select Compare With > Each Other.

The Compare window opens in the main area.
Compare window