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To launch the BMC Middleware Automation interface after product installation, choose one of the following shortcut methods:

  • Double-click the BMC Middleware Automation desktop shortcut icon .
  • Through the Windows Start menu or (on Linux or UNIX) the Applications menu, select BMC Software > BMC Middleware Automation.


During product startup, BMC Middleware Automation checks that the associated workspace is not locked by any other open session. If another open session is using the same workspace or if a workspace lock is detected for some other reason (for example, an improper shutdown or a UI session that froze), a message is displayed, notifying you about the detected lock and enabling you to forcibly unlock the workspace.

If you do not receive the message for unlocking the workspace, run the BMC Middleware Automation executable (deliver.exe) with the -forceWorkspaceUnlock switch. You can use this switch, for example, through the cmd command line or through a .bat or .sh file.

Alternatively, you can set BMC Middleware Automation to unlock any detected workspace lock whenever it starts, by adding the -forceWorkspaceUnlock option as the first line in the product .ini file. For more information, see Setting the location of the product workspace.