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Compliance reports show how accurately servers are configured in relation to the compliance rules specified in component templates. This information is derived from the Compliance Job runs in BMC Server Automation servers. This topic provides an overview of how to set up Compliance jobs in BMC Server Automation.

These reports contain information such as server compliance, policy compliance, number of compliant and non-compliant servers, and compliance trends.

Perform the following tasks to set up the BMC Server Automation jobs needed to support the Compliance reports:

  1. Identify the compliance rules against which you want to validate the servers in your data center and create the compliance policy using these rules. For instructions on how to create a compliance rule, see Adding or editing a compliance rule in BMC Server Automation documentation.
    You can also use compliance templates supplied by BMC to validate standard regulatory compliance of your servers. For instructions on how to create a component template, see Creating a component template in BMC Server Automation documentation.
  2. Set up the Compliance Jobs to monitor the compliance of servers or snapshots against policies defined in the previous step. For more information, see Creating Compliance Jobs in BMC Server Automation documentation.

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