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The following table lists the ports required for a basic BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation installation. Your firewall must allow communication through these ports for the associated components to function.


All the ports specified in the following table are unidirectional and use TCP for communication. The communication flow is from source to destination.

Port requirements




Default port number

Authentication Server (uses the reports data warehouse database)

IBM Cognos Service

Authentication Server


Primary reports server

User's browser

Reports server

  • 80 to communicate with Apache web server using http protocol 
  • 443 to communicate with Apache web server using ssl protocol
  • 9300 for use by Metadata Navigator

Database ports (reports data warehouse, portal content store, ETL master repository, ETL work repository, and BMC Server Automation database)

Reports server


  • 1433 for use with Microsoft SQL Server
  • 1521 for use with Oracle

SMTP (to email scheduled reports and for notifications)

Reports server

Mail server


You can define different port numbers by using the Report Administration Utility. For information about the utility, see Working with the Report Administration Utility.


You cannot set the Metadata Navigator port by using the Report Administration Utility.