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BMC Decision Support – Network Automation is an optional, add-on product that is integrated with the BMC Network Automation solution. You must purchase a separate license to install this product.

You must have SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.0 Service Pack 2 with Fix Pack 8 installed prior to installing BMC Decision Support – Network Automation.


BMC does not recommend to use the embedded database shipped with BusinessObjects BI platform. Due to a database limitation, as soon as the database file size reaches 4 GB, BusinessObjects BI platform stops functioning as expected. BMC suggests that you migrate to the licensed version of an external database if you have been using the embedded database previously.

The following topics describe the requirements for installing BMC Decision Support – Network Automation.

For additional information, see Product Availability and Compatibility.


  • BMC Decision Support – Network Automation and BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) can be installed on the same server. If you use the same server, ensure that there are no port conflicts.
  • When setting up the BusinessObjects repository database, do not use the MySQL database. If you use the MySQL database, you soon need to migrate data to another supported database.

    The recommended database is Microsoft SQL Server 2008. This is the default database for BusinessObjects BI 4.0.