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BMC Network Automation enables organizations of any size to improve change visibility, reduce configuration-related network downtime, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and achieve greater IT efficiency. The BMC Network Automation solution delivers a comprehensive change, configuration, compliance, and release management solution to improve IT operations and strengthen Business Service Management (BSM) initiatives across multi-vendor networks.

Today’s networks are increasingly complex. In addition to responding to dynamically changing business requirements, they are also being tasked to manage their department as a business with similar goals: increase revenue, reduce costs, and lower risk. BMC Network Automation has proven to effectively automate the management of multi-vendor network infrastructures; streamline change, configuration, and release
management; enforce regulatory or corporate compliance while reducing related costs; and improve problem and incident management reducing the risk of service disruptions.


  • Compliance Auditing and Enforcement: Audits and enforces compliance to established configuration standards (for example, security, performance, routing).
  • Change Workflow: Simplifies planning, approval, implementation and verification of change requests.
  • Change Policies: Proactively notifies personnel when unplanned, problematic or
    non-compliant changes are detected.
  • Change Reporting: Monitors the “who, what, when, and where” of all configuration changes, as they occur. Provides robust change reporting to audit, verify, and enforce compliance with IT policies.
  • Configuration Management: Improves operational efficiencies using SmartMerge Technology to implement decision-based configuration changes, perform change remediation and enforce compliance to configuration standards.
  • Change Assessment: Proactively correlates outages with prior configuration changes to reduce the time to recover from service impacting changes.

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BMC Network Automation 8.2