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This topic describes how to access the product.

To access BMC Decision Support – Network Automation

  1. Use one of the following procedures:
    • On Windows, from the Start menu, select Programs > BMC Decision Support – BladeLogic Automation Suite > Reporting Portal.
    • Enter the following address into a web browser:
      In this URL address, <reportsServer> is the server that hosts BMC Decision Support – Network Automation and <portNumber> is the port specified for the BusinessObjects Business Intelligence server during installation.
      BMC Decision Support – Network Automation opens in a browser window and displays a login dialog.
  2. At the login prompt provide your user name and password.
    The first time that you log in, the password is the same as your user name.
  3. Select the authentication type from the Authentication menu.
  4. Click Log On.
    If this is the first time that you have logged into the product, you are prompted to enter a new password, which you will use to log into the product in the future.
  5. Provide the new password and confirm the password. 
    The product opens to the BusinessObjects Business Intelligence launch pad.

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