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 This topic describes how to use the Search function to find objects in the Context Frame.

To search for objects in the Context Frame

  1. From the Management Console main page, select Search in the Context Frame.
    The Objects Search page displays.
  2. In the Objects Filter section, select the BMC Database Automation object that you want to find in the Object Type field (for example, Node).
  3. If you know the name of the object or part of the characters in the name (for example, rh6), type it in the Search Object field.


    Search objects must be entered as alphanumeric values (for example, underscores, periods, and so forth). Asterisks for wildcard searches are not supported.

  4. Click Search.
    The Search Results section displays the results of the search.
  5. In the Search Results section, click an object to display the object in its position in the Context Tree and its contents in the Workspace.
  6. To return to the original search results, click Back to Search Results.


Search functionality correlates to the user permissions at login. For example, a user with sysadmin privileges might be able to search across the estate, but a user who only has access to a part of the estate will be limited to that area for the search. For megamesh environments, you can perform mesh-wide searches on Content Managers and well as on individual Satellite Managers.