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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides enterprise-wide, business-aware, capacity management plus analytic modeling.  The TrueSight Capacity Optimization solution requires a base license and offers several license add-ons. The license add-ons work with the base license to provide functionality for various components.

    The following table describes the functional capabilities provided by the base license and each of the license add-ons. The base license is required, and you can add, one, or all of the license add-ons, depending upon your needs. Use the information in this table to determine which functional and technical components you are entitled to use based on the license add-ons you have purchased. Click the hyperlinks in the following table to access the topics that describe the base license and your required license add-ons. 

    The download files for TrueSight Capacity Optimization are available from the Electronic Product Download (EPD) web page, For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

    Functional capabilities of base license and license add-ons



    Base license that includes management infrastructure and consoles required for enterprise-wide capacity management. This base license is required.

    TrueSight Capacity Optimization - Base License

    Business-aware and cross-domain capacity management for networks

    TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Networks Plus

    Business-aware and cross-domain capacity management for storage

    TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Storage Plus

    Business-aware and cross-domain capacity management with analytic modeling for servers

    TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Servers Plus

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    License entitlements

    Downloading the installation files

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