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The following tables list the pre-installation requirements that must be fulfilled before you begin installing BMC Performance Assurance on a UNIX and Linux OSs. It is noted if the requirement pertains to a Console or Agent installation.

Worksheet for installing on Unix or Linux


Console or Agent


Bourne or Korn shell

Console and Agent

The installation script uses the Korn shell, so the /bin/ksh file must be available for the installation to succeed.

BMC Performance Assurance User account

Console and Agent

You must create an account for the user who will own the installation. The owner must be a non-privileged, not-root user. The install wizard asks for the user name during the installation process.

If you are using Oracle Solaris 10, the user must have a home directory.

For details about setting up accounts for installation, see your system administrator.

Temporary disk space


The BMC Performance Assurance installer requires 500 MB of available temporary disk space during the installation. The installer looks for temporary disk space using the following sequence:

  1. $IATEMPDIR environment variable
  2. /tmp
  3. Your home directory

Valid home directory for Oracle Solaris 10 nodes

Console and Agent

You must specify a valid home directory for all user accounts that are used to install BMC Performance Assurance on Solaris 10. Without a valid home directory, BMC Performance Assurance console cannot communicate with the service daemon on a Solaris 10 node running Perform Agent.

Pcron scheduler


Used for scheduling Manager runs. For more information, see Pcron configuration requirements for UNIX Manager.

UI Installation


Xvfb should be installed on Linux to install product using GUI.

Where to go from here

After you have prepared a Unix/Linux host for installation, you may want to complete the Installation worksheet for UNIX and Linux or perform the following operations in the order listed: