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This topic describes how you can install BMC Capacity Optimization on your machine.

Before you begin

Before you begin installing the product, ensure that you have read through Planning topic.

If you are performing the installation as a non-root user, ensure that you have completed all the procedures explained in Preparing a host for installation.

Installation scenarios

You can install BMC Capacity Optimization on a single machine or install individual components on separate machines.

Single machine installation

Installing the first machineInstall all components on the same machine

Multiple machine installation

Installing the first machineMinimum components required
BMC Capacity Optimization 9.5.00
Database Schema 9.5.00
Application Server - Web Server 9.5.00
Installing additional machinesInstall one or more 1 component per machine
Application Server - Datahub 9.5.00 2
Application Server - Primary Scheduler 9.5.00
ETL Engine Server 9.5.00

1 It is recommended that you install front-end components (such as Web Server) and back-end components (such as Datahub and Primary Scheduler) on separate machines. If required, you can install individual back-end components on separate machines.
If you install Application Server components on multiple machines, you must provide each of them with access to a shared content repository. For more information, see Sharing the Content Repository directory.

2 You can install only one instance of the Datahub. An error will be displayed, if you attempt to install multiple instances.

Installing the product

To install BMC Capacity Optimization on your machine, refer to the following topics:

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