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This section outlines the prerequisites, configuration requirements, procedures, and sequence for performing a successful installation of BMC Performance Assurance Console and Agent on your system.

  1. Review the following requirements:
  2. Download the installation package as outlined in Downloading the installation files.
  3. Prepare the host OS as listed in:
  4. (Optional) Complete the appropriate installation worksheet:
  5. Install the BMC Performance Assurance Console in one of the following ways:

  6. Install the BMC Perform Agent in one of the following ways:

  7. Perform the post-installation configuration tasks listed in Configuring the system environment.

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1 Comment

  1. NOTE : The new product installation will not delete the older version. The older version can be deleted by choosing one of these manual options -
    - uninstall the previous version

    - then install new version




    - delete the 7.5.10 directory after the 9.5.00 is installed.