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This section provides an overview of the upgrade processes for the supported upgrade paths for this version of BMC Atrium Orchestrator. For more information about upgrade paths, see Supported upgrade paths.

Upgrades from version 7.6.x

The installation program supports direct upgrades from version  7.6.x of the BMC Atrium Orchestrator product. When you start the installation program, it detects an earlier version of the product. After you specify the installation directory, the installation program displays any installation properties that you can change from the earlier installation.

When upgrading components, you must upgrade them in the following order:

  1. Access Manager or Access Manager and the repository
  2. Repository, if not upgraded with Access Manager
  3. CDP
  4. Additional peers
  5. BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio

You can upgrade BMC Atrium Orchestrator content anytime after you upgrade the repository. When you finish upgrading the platform components, you use Grid Manager to update the content on the grid. For more information about updating content on the grid, see Upgrading adapters.

Upgrades from version 7.5.x

In version 7.5.x of BMC Atrium Orchestrator, you could install the Access Manager and CDP in the same directory. Beginning with BMC Atrium Orchestrator 7.6.00, the Access Manager component is available to multiple grids; it is not a grid component, and you must install Access Manager separately from the CDP.

This architectural change requires that you install a new Access Manager before you upgrade the CDP, if you installed Access Manager and the CDP in the same directory. You must then copy some files from the earlier version of Access Manager to the new installation.

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  1. Install a new Access Manager, using one of the following installation options:
    • Access Manager only
    • Access Manager and the repository
      Do not start this server at the end of this step.
  2. If you did not install it in step 1, install the repository.
    Do not start the new repository server at the end of this step.
  3. Run the installation program to upgrade the CDP from version 7.5.x to version 7.6.02.
    • Ensure that you specify the new settings for the repository and Access Manager.
    • If your 7.5.x environment included BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel or the graphing server, you can upgrade them with the CDP.
      Do not start the CDP at the end of this step.
  4. Transfer the users and rights from the earlier version of Access Manager to the new instance:
    • In the CDP installation directory, copy the am folder to the installation directory of the new Access Manager.
    • Examine the contents of the am directory, and delete the am.ks file, if it is present.
  5. Start the Access Manager and repository server.
  6. Launch Access Manager.
  7. Start the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Configuration Distribution Peer server.
  8. Launch Grid Manager to verify the CDP installation.

After you install the repository and upgrade the CDP, the CDP transfers the BMC Atrium Orchestrator content to the repository. You can run the GUI or silent installation to add or upgrade content, as described in Installing BMC Atrium Orchestrator content. After you install content, you use Grid Manager to update the content on the grid.


If you have customized or BMC Atrium Orchestrator.lax, the installation program renames the existing file to or BMC Atrium Orchestrator.lax.bk and creates a new file. You will need to reapply the customization to the new file after the upgrade process is finished.