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The Integration Mapping activity allows the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio appplication to query and examine adapters that are active at run time.

This activity provides adapter information, and details the domain model used by the target system. It assists BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio in using this information to create processes that map data between the data models. The Integration Mapping activity lists the operations for active adapters.


BMC Remedy AR and BMC HP ServiceCenter adapters support the Integration Mapping activity.

When you use the Integration Mapping activity, the Integration Mapping Wizard launches and queries the system to map data to and from context items. The Integration Mapping Wizard automates operations on applications through BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio. This feature reduces development time when building workflows against custom schemas. The Integration Mapping Wizard has the following steps:

  1. Select system/adapter
  2. Select operation
  3. Map inputs
  4. Map outputs

This section contains the following topics: