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Unknown macro: {multi-excerpt} To deploy the processes on a BMC Atrium Orchestrator grid, you must first export the modules to the repository.

Unknown macro: {multi-excerpt} The exported module is contained in an archive file that consists of:

  • Processes - Sets of linked activities that perform a function.
  • Rules - Specify criteria that can trigger a process in reaction to a monitor adapter event.
  • Schedule - Specifies information that runs processes on a regular schedule, with the ability to control start, end, and frequency parameters.
  • Configuration - Contains the configuration information for the module.
    Exported modules in the repository are activated in BMC Atrium Orchestrator Grid Manager, making processes in the module eligible for execution on the grid. After activating a module on a grid, the module schedule is enabled triggering process execution at defined intervals, and rules evaluate events to control process execution.

To export modules to the repository


To export to the repository, you must be connected to a grid. The BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio application prompts you to log on when necessary.

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    Click the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio Library Manager button.

  1. Unknown macro: {multi-excerpt} In Library Manager, click the Export Modules tab.

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    In the Export Modules table select the modules to export by clicking in the Export checkbox next to the module name.


    A flag displays in the Modified column of the Export Modules table if a module changed after it was imported.

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    Enter or select the version of the module to export.


    This field is not automatically populated. BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio verifies the version number before exporting.

  4. Unknown macro: {multi-excerpt} Click the Export to Repository button.

  5. Unknown macro: {multi-excerpt} On the Export Confirmation window, verify the information and click Proceed.

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    When the export process is finished, the Export Confirmation window disappears, and BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio displays the message Export Successful in the bottom left corner of the window.


    You can review the export messages by clicking the History link on the bottom of the window.