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BMC Atrium Orchestrator administrators can use these steps if the BMC Atrium Orchestrator Operator Control Panel fails to start and displays the following error:

The server returned an error:java.lang.RuntimeException: Cant handle request because grid identifier couldnt be determined for grid name = "gridName".

  1. In Grid Manager, verify the name of the grid:
    • If the grid name is different (other than the case) from the one that appears in the error message, contact your system administrator for further troubleshooting. Do not proceed further.
    • If the name is the same as the grid name that appears in the error message except for the case, proceed as follows:
  2. On the CDP computer, stop the Access Manager and CDP services.
  3. Using a text editor, open the \\AO_Home\tomcat\conf\context.xml file.
  4. Search for grid and change the value to match exactly the name of the grid.


    BMC Operator Control Panel requires the grid name to match exactly and is case-sensitive. For example, if the name of the grid is GRID1, the value in the grid statement in the context.xml file must be all uppercase: GRID1.

  5. Save the context.xml file.
  6. Restart the Access Manager and CDP services.