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This space contains information about the BMC Application Management Suite 2.5 release, which contains several component products. For more information about the individual component products, see Key concepts.

What's new

Announcement: February 20, 2014

BMC Application Management Suite 2.5.00 now supports the latest versions of the following products. To access links to the product documentation, see Version 2.5.00.

  • BMC Application Diagnostics 2.5.01
  • BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and Analytics 2.5.01

BMC Software updated several of the component products in BMC Application Management Suite 2.5.


For information about any of the components of the BMC Application Management Suite, see the online technical documentation for each component. To locate links to access the documentation for the supported product versions, see the topics under Release notes and notices.

Where to start

  • To view the BMC Application Management base license and the list of license ad-ons, see License entitlements.
  • To view the functional capabilities of the component products, see Key concepts.