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The following BMC Remedy AR System server issues were corrected in this release.

Issue ID



When using hierarchical groups, SQL deadlock and time-out errors were observed in AR System server.


Executing the DefinitionExport.bat command did not export DSO workflows and objects.


The AR System server did not adjust the time correctly when the time-zone value was set to Asia/AbuDhabi in the Timezone list on the Business Time Segment form.


The AR System plug-in server failed while loading a report in the ReportSelection form on BMC Remedy Mid Tier 7.6.04 using the AR System 7.1 server.


The AR System Report Console displayed the following error when you set the Date Range Report field to yes:

Unknown field referenced in query line : at position 184 
( '$-1$' ) (ARERR 1587)


The AR System server stopped responding without displaying an error message after a database failure and did not reconnect even after the database server was restored.


Errors occurred when you invoked a SOAP request on the BMC Remedy Atrium Orchestrator web service from a BMC Remedy AR System filter.


An advanced search query on Date/Time fields did not return the expected results if the format of the data that was searched in the Date/Time fields was mm/dd/yy.


You could not log on to BMC Remedy AR System server if your password contained a German umlaut character.


The AR System server displayed the following error if you saved multibyte data in a character field:

ARERR 559 Character string exceeds maximum size allowed: field name


Records were stacked up in the ft_pending form with the

ARERR 302 (Entry does not exist in database) error.


If you configured the Password Management Policy, the Disable Password Management feature did not work on the User form.


The full text search (FTS) Indexer did not have a byte limit for large fields which resulted in out-of-memory exceptions.

SW00428421Though the error handler recorded errors correctly, but pushed invalid values to the database.
SW00430258When a user was assigned a floating license from different license pools, BMC Remedy AR System server miscalculated the floating license count in the pools.
SW00435706On the Solaris platform, while executing image related tasks in C# automation, the AR system server crashed.
SW00444633When you upgraded from AR System server 7.1 to AR System server 7.6.04, the Application-Delete-Entry process did not generate a reference to entryId in the WHERE clause when the entryId was an empty string.
SW00436977The import of the view form definition file in overwrite mode did not remove the excess fields on form.

When you tried to push data from an SQL view form to a regular form by using an escalation, the following error message appeared:

*** ERROR ***; Requested conversion is not supported.
(HRESULT: 0X80040E1D)


When you reopened the Business Time Segment form on the BMC Remedy Change Management Console - and the Last Day of Month field was selected, the Specific Date field was not disabled.

SW00430079On the Windows platform, the time zone for Moscow continued to show the old GMT value, even after you updated the Russian time zone.
SW00436778The full text search (FTS) did not work for the accented characters in Spanish.
SW00428173The floating AR System license usage count was not reflected correctly in the User license report.
SW00431853The AREA HUB plug-in did not process AREA LDAP plug-ins in the order they were listed in the ar.conf file.
SW00432924The EXTERNAL('DB.Character Field') and EXTERNAL('TR.Character Field') could not be saved in Filter Run If Qualification.
SW00441666When you imported CMDB assets, the AR System server reported excessive memory growth, and you had to restart the service.
SW00445924While executing a run process command by using msend.exe, the open handles count for arserver.exe went up by one.
SW00445833When you modified a record in a join form that used a single audited form as its primary and secondary form, duplicate audit records were created.
SW00449063When you added a new field on the base form of the join overlay, the following SQL error occurred and the ARERR 552 error appeared in the API log file: Invalid column name 'C800000031'. (SQL Server 207)
SW00447572The AR System server imported all system forms automatically without performing any checks.


In a SQL server cluster environment, if the SQL server failed, the AR System server did not reconnect to the database server and the service had to be restarted.


The AR System server crashed while importing the archive forms as a part of licensed deployable application.


The AR System server crashed while importing data that had decimal values in the currency field.
SW00439077The AR system server reported excessive memory usage from the C-arplugin due to repeated clicking of the All button on the License review form.
SW00448361The AR System server generated ERROR 330 when you tried to log on to the home page with the api/sql/filter command from the client side.
SW00448059The AR System server accepted a user logon ID that did not match the user name on case-insensitive databases.
SW00451477The AR System server ignored access limitations while executing a Java-API getEntryBlob method call.
SW00450872The plug-in server crashed when arealdap.c was compiled without mandatory instrumentation.


The subject field was displayed in the body text of the email notification in the AR System Email messages form, disregarding that the user did not have permission to view the field.
SW00450907The AR System server crashed due to memory corruption, because several SET FIELDS actions referenced the same field ID.
SW00450374The View form from the table in Oracle displayed the default value for the Date/Time field instead of displaying the NULL value that was set by the Push Field action in the Display form.

When you set up an entity with a weekly recurring business time segment, multiple 9961 error messages were displayed for large values of 'second to add'.


Full text search returned an incomplete list of records, displaying only records that were equal to the chunking size for the table field instead of the complete list.

SW00428291AR System displayed incorrect time during specific dates for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Australian time zones.

The entry for Moscow time zone in Time Zone field was displayed as GMT+3 instead of GMT+4 on the Business Time Segment form.

SW00449649 /


When a filter was executed for copying values from a field on one form to a field on another form, the field value was copied to two fields on the destination form.

SW00436237For Business Time Segments, setting the End Of Day option caused incorrect calculation of occurrences.
SW00442531The EXPQRY API call that returned a large amount of rows caused aserverd to grow its memory usage substantially.
SW00406180A connectivity problem in BMC AR System server caused an LDAP authentication failure. To restore LDAP connectivity, you had to restart the AR System plug-in server.
SW00438323The MergeEntry operation that uses filters to push data to other forms generated a new ID for the new form.

When you changed a field in an archived form; the following SQL error appeared:

Invalid column name 'C536870917'. (SQL Server 2007)

SW00446758Enabling auditing on CMDB forms failed because the data types of the data fields in the Source and Archive/Audit form did not match. The AR System server did not return any information on which fields or the schema name had caused the failure.
SW00442050Sometimes when you connected the Data Import tool to AR System server with a TCP port, the Data Import tool did not complete the import and the ARERR 90 error occurred.
SW00450331The ARServer process handle count in Windows Task Manager kept increasing due to signal recaching.

The AR System server did not adjust the time correctly when the client and the AR System server were in different time zones.

SW00447992NeedToSyncWithExternalAuth() was not disabled when External-Authentication-Sync-Timeout was set to 0, causing all the threads on the AR System server to stop responding.

Even when you had configured AR System server to the Portuguese locale, the status value returned after an update appeared in English.

SW00452506When you enabled CMDB audit, an audit record was not generated in the join audit form when there was no change in the base form audit field value.
SW00440897Hierarchical group configuration did not work on tables with EntryID (field ID ') field length as 1 (no leading zeros).
SW00444958 / SW00446249The escalation log displayed the following message repeatedly: Set firetime of 1 second.
SW00429322On BMC Remedy AR System server 7.6.04, when a filter that had executed a web service action encountered an error and the filter contained an error trap, the core fields were set to NULL.
SW00453755Instead of processing only regular forms, server hierarchical thread processed join forms, view forms, display only forms and vendor forms to fix hierarchical group data on previously created records.

GLEWF API call on a join form had performance issues.

SW00436486 On BMC Remedy AR System server 7.6.04, when a filter that had executed a web service action encountered an error and the filter contained an error trap, the core fields were set to NULL. 
SW00439943On BMC Remedy AR System server 7.6.04 Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3 (SP2 and SP3), the following error message was logged in the arjavaplugin.log file:
ERROR (623): Authentication failed;.



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