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When setting up your store for the first time, consider following the recommended approach in the following diagram.

This approach ensures that when your users receive the invitation to your store, they will:

  • Have access to the appropriate BMC AppZone Client
  • See applications in the store when they first begin exploring the site

Following this approach also means that you can partially complete your store setup and save the work in progress without triggering email alerts to your users.

Recommended approach

Administrator requirements for an iOS environment


Functional areaSummary requirementReference to administrator requirement

Providing iOS version of BMC AppZone Client

Request an iOS version of the BMC AppZone Client from BMC Support

To obtain the iOS Client

Deploying iOS applications in your BMC AppZone Store


Obtain an iOS Enterprise Certificate from Apple.

Create an iOS Application Provisioning Profile for your BMC AppZone store

Configuring store for iOS support

Track the renewal dates for these certificates to avoid issues with your store

Troubleshooting iOS store that has stopped accepting logons

Add required content to your applications to allow BMC AppZone administration

Configuring an iOS application for publication


Managing licenses for VPP applications 

Periodically obtain an updated spreadsheet from iTunes and upload into BMC AppZone in order to keep the list of purchased applications and distribution codes current.