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Danielle is logged on to BMC MyIT, and she has found a hardware product in her BMC AppZone hardware catalog that she would like to order. She notices that the product states that approval is required before she can receive the product. She clicks Request to order the product and is prompted to provide a short justification for why she needs it. After she submits her request, the Request button changes to Pending Approval.

After Danielle requests the hardware product, which generates a service request, she is notified that the request has been made, and she cannot make another request until the current request is completed.

Danielle's request is handled by BMC Service Request Management workflow, and the assigned approver for the product reviews her request and approves it. After approval, Danielle is notified by email that her request has been approved and will be shipped to her.

How administrators enable this scenario

The BMC AppZone administrator configures the hardware products that are available on the Service Products page of the BMC AppZone Administration Console. The BMC AppZone administrator publishes the product to a group of users that includes Danielle and the product is automatically assigned with a Requires Approval assignment type.

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