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Karl is logged on to BMC MyIT, and he has found an application in his BMC AppZone catalog that he would like to install. He notices that the application details state that approval is required before the application can be installed. He clicks Request to request access to the application and is prompted to provide a short justification for why he needs the application. After he submits his request, the Request button changes to Pending approval.

Karl's request is handled by BMC Service Request Management workflow, and the assigned approver for the application reviews his request and approves it. When the application license is assigned to Karl, he receives a notification in his Social Cloud timeline in BMC MyIT. Karl installs the application on his device by clicking Install on the application details page in the catalog.

How administrators enable this scenario

The BMC AppZone administrator sets the assignment type for the application to Requires Approval and assigns the application to a group of users that includes Karl.

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