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Nikhil is a new employee. He receives an email with instructions on installing the BMC AppZone Client, including a link to start the download.

Nikhil clicks the link to initiate the Client download.

How administrators enable this scenario

Nikhil's company has an external Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) system, which supplies a list of users to BMC AppZone.

The BMC AppZone administrator configures an external LDAP connection when setting up the app store for the first time.

The BMC AppZone administrator completes the following procedure to register Nikhil as a user:

  1. The administrator selects Nikhil from the list and Nikhil's information is automatically populated into the form.
  2. The administrator sets Nikhil's role to complete the registration. BMC AppZone creates a user record and sends software installation instructions to Nikhil. The administrator sees Nikhil in the Manage Users list as an active user.