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Use the information in this section to understand the primary goals for implementing the BMC Application Diagnostics products in your environment. Each major phase of the product lifecycle links to detailed information and procedures to help the users of this system achieve their goals.

  • Evaluate a new release, service pack, or patch for implementation.
  • Learn about enhancements.
All users
  • Learn about the product's system architecture, key concepts, and usage.
All users
  • Evaluate system requirements and sizing considerations to make capacity and deployment recommendations.
  • Evaluate and plan user permissions, system access, and data and network security.

IT architect

  • Prepare systems for installation.
  • Download components based on sizing recommendations.
  • Install and perform initial setup.

VM administrator

System administrator

  • Connect to the newly installed components.
  • Configure components.
  • Provide data to the Console.
System administrator
  • Integrate BMC Application Diagnostics with BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring.
  • Integrate with other products and technologies.
System administrator
  • Monitor the performance and availability of web applications.
  • Troubleshoot application, performance, and availability problems.
  • Examine diagnostic data.


Application support analyst

Application developer

  • Manage user access, secure the system, and restrict access to data.

  • Configure the system components and how they connect to the environment.

  • Configure how web application traffic data is captured, manipulated, and stored for monitoring and performance.

  • Monitor and manage the system components.

  • Create initial Watchpoints and dashboards to monitor key applications.
System administrator
  • Diagnose issues with an upgrade, installation, or configuration of a component.
  • Enable logs.
  • Contact Support.
System administrator
  • Evaluate a service pack or patch for implementation and learn about enhancements.
  • Maintain the system components by updating the software.
 System administrator

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