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You can visualize performance statistics by creating and running reports in the Report library.

Performance report types

Reports provide the following types of performance analysis:

  • SLA analysis shows whether the current performance satisfies specific service-level agreements
  • Capacity analysis shows how performance degrades as demand increases
  • Application analysis shows application delivery, responsiveness, and redirects
  • Network quality analysis shows how poor network quality affects performance
  • Bandwidth analysis shows how much bandwidth the specified application takes
  • Error analysis shows the most common kinds of errors for the specified application

Performance compliance reporting

Performance compliance reports compare performance for a metric over time with performance-compliance levels (PCLs) to display how many users the system characterizes as satisfied, tolerating, or frustrated within the specified time range. You can also use performance compliance reports to learn the percentage of requests that were characterized as frustrated or tolerating.

If you have customized PCLs for the Watchpoint you are reporting on, the chart compares requests to them. Otherwise, the performance compliance chart compares requests to the system-wide PCLs configured by an Administrator.

Custom reports

You can generate custom reports for single use or add your custom reports to the Report library.

Report distribution options

You can send reports via email at scheduled intervals and export report data to a spreadsheet program.

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