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This section contains information about the enhancements and updates in Service Pack 1 (version 2.7.01) of the BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager product and BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring product. 


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Click here to create a PDF version of the Service Pack 1 release notes.

The enhancements described in this page include:

Deprecated features

Virtual platform support

The VMware platform's ESX/ESXi v3.5 operating system is no longer supported. 

See the platform requirements for virtual machines for more information about supported virtual platform operating systems.

User accounts and roles

The Consumer user account and role is no longer supported.

See Managing user accounts and permissions for more information about working with user accounts and roles.

Changes to known and corrected issues

 The following changes were made:

UC-1655 A link was added to the patch .cor file, in case there is a problem upgrading from Console v1.3.

There is a problem displaying the Console on some browsers.


Added new issue about updating all of the APM components listed in the System Update page.

If some of the APM components are selected to be updated, only the first APM component in the list is updated when some, not all, of the listed APM components are selected.

Changes to TS-4200 Revision B

The TS-4200 revision A is being replaced with the revision. B version of the appliance.

The hardware configurations between the two versions are very similar but internal testing has shown that the revision B version is faster than revision A.

The general differences between revision A and revision B are as follows:

ComponentRevision ARevision B
Intel® Xeon® Processors
E5-2600 v2
E5-2600 v3
PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC)



24 RDIMM slots

DDR3 up to 768 GB

24 DIMM slots

DDR4 up to 768 GB

To work with TS-4200 revision B, the Application Visibility Manager Central firmware v2.7.01 or Real End User Monitor firmware v6.7.01 is required. Earlier firmware versions are not supported by the TS-4200 revision B.

The TS-4200 revision B is based on the Dell™ R730xd system. Documentation about this system is available from Dell. Open link

Installation instructions dual-port fiber 10 GbE NIC card

The TS-4200 appliance includes four capture ports that use dual-port copper network interface cards (NIC).

If your network uses an all-fiber infrastructure, you can connect the TS-4200 by installing a dual-port fiber 10 GbE network interface card (NIC). Using the fiber NIC card eliminates the need to use a copper-to-fiber media converter.

Support for on-screen reports in Chrome browsers

On-screen reports enable you to visualize performance statistics in the Real User Analyzer by using preconfigured and custom reports.

If you use the Google Chrome v42 browser or later, you must use a workaround to view on-screen reports. Google is ending support for the NPAPI plugin that is used to display on-screen reports.

To use the workaround, see the directions to enable NPAPI from Chrome Help. Open link .

This temporary workaround can be used until the release of Chrome v45. After the release of Chrome v45, the browser will no longer support the NPAPI plugin, and an alternate web browser that supports this plugin must be used to view these reports.

Limitations with extended reporting in BusinessObjects Business Intelligence v4.1

The BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Extended Reporting component has some limitations when used with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) v4.1 platform.

For more information about extended reporting in BI v4.1, see Limitations with BusinessObjects v4.1 in Extended Reporting.

Download patch file for Console upgrade from v1.3

A link was added in defect ID UC-1655 to the patch .cor file, in case there is a problem upgrading from Console v1.3.