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    You can verify that a Real User Analyzer or Collector component instance was installed successfully by opening a supported browser and entering the host and port address that you used during the installation process. If the component is installed, the log on screen will appear in the browser's window.

    Real End User Experience Monitoring log on

    The host address is the Fully Qualified Domain Name, host name, virtual IP, or public IP address for the machine where the component is installed.  

    You can also see an installation success message at the end of the euem_install_log.txt installation log file. This file includes any warnings or errors that might have occurred during the component installation process, and a new log is created each time you install the program. The default location for this file that is in the system's /tmp folder.  Additionally, if you used the Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition installation wizard, you can see the installation log file's location in the wizard's Installation Summary page. You can also use the Maintenance Tool to view each log.

    Where to go from here

    Installed component instances are useful only after you have assembled them into a working BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition system. To achieve this goal, follow the instructions in Configuring end-user experience monitoring core components.

    Install the Cloud Probe so it can send information to the Real User Collector.

    If you installed the Real User Analyzer and Collector on different machines, you must configure a network time protocol (NTP) server to synchronize the time and date between the Real User Analyzer and Collector. 

    To view a Real User Analyzer component as a data provider to the Presentation Server , you must register the Analyzer with the Presentation Server.

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    1. This document is obviously missing a serious part.

      a) You cannot verify a software installation via a ping command. 

      b) the link Configuring after installation does not work, it redirects to page with restricted access.


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        I will review this topic with a product developer, and make any necessary changes.




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