You can install the Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition upgrade unattended (a silent installation), which requires no user interaction during installation. You can perform a silent upgrade, as described in this topic, or you can use the upgrade wizard .

The server-silent-upgrade-options-linux.txt file is used to configure the Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition silent installation.

This file is located in the Disk1 directory of the Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition installation file structure.

The following topics are included:

Before you begin

Before you start the installation process, confirm the following:

  • You must have an earlier Real User Analyzer or Collector Software Edition version installed on the system.

To configure the silent installation file

On the system where you want to install the Real User Analyzer and Collector, complete the following procedure:

  1. As a user with root privileges, navigate to Disk1 in the directory where you extracted the .tgz file.
  2. Use a text editor to open the server-silent-upgrade-options-linux.txt file.

  3. (Optional) To prevent upgrading an Analyzer or Collector installation, add a # symbol to beginning of the relevant line.

    -A featureEuemAnalyzer
    -A featureEuemCollector
  4. Enter the activation key information.

    -J analyzer_activation_key_file_path=
    -J analyzer_company_name_for_activation=

    analyzer_activation_key_file_pathEnter the path to the activation key file that you received from BMC Customer Support.
    Note: Contact BMC Customer Support to receive an activation key file for the Real User Analyzer.
    analyzer_company_name_for_activationThe company name must match the name that is in the activation key file you received from BMC Customer Support.
  5. Save and close the server-silent-upgrade-options-linux.txt file.

To upgrade Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition silently

  1. In a command line, navigate to the Disk1 folder in the installation file structure.
  2. Enter the following command:
    ./setup.bin -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=<Full File Path>/server-silent-options-linux.txt

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