Consult the following schematics for information about the various ports used by TrueSight Infrastructure Management. The port numbers provided in this topic are based on a default implementation.

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For detailed information about all the network ports required for BMC TrueSight Operations Management components, see Network ports.

Ports used in an Infrastructure Management deployment

The following figure illustrates a typical high-level logical architecture for an Infrastructure Management deployment using multiple Infrastructure Management Servers. The same ports are used in a single Infrastructure Management server deployment. The arrows indicate the direction from which the connections are established.

Ports used by Infrastructure Management system components for network communication

*The RMI port is an out-of-the-box dynamic port. See Setting the RMI port for more information.

Setting the RMI port

To add or update the RMI port information, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the <Infrastructure Management install directory>/pw/jboss/server/minimal_jms/conf/jboss-service.xml file.
  2. Add or update the following entry:

    <attribute name="RmiPort">2100</attribute>

    Port 2100 is an example. You can specify any available port number.

  3. Restart the Infrastructure Management server.
  4. Repeat the above steps for all Infrastructure Management servers connected to a Presentation Server.

Ports used in BMC PATROL data collection

The following diagram illustrates the default ports on which connections are made regarding communications from the BMC PATROL Agents through the Integration Service to the Infrastructure Management Server. The direction of the arrows indicates the connection requests.

Network communication ports used in data collection from PATROL Agents

The BMC PATROL Agent can forward events to its consumers through two channels:

  • Channel through the Integration Service—In this channel, an event shares the same channel that is available for data streaming. All the events that are triggered and filtered to pass are routed through the Integration Service. The event response acknowledgement is implemented in the BMC PATROL Agent to guarantee the delivery of the event to consumers, which in this case is Infrastructure Management.
  • Separate Channel through IMGW—In this channel, an event is pushed to the Server Cell that uses propagate rules to forward the event to one or more destination cells or gateways. The BMC PATROL Agent has a dependency on the IMGW library interface for the message acknowledgement mechanism. Guaranteed delivery is available only between two peer IMGW interfaces.

Ports used by the Infrastructure Management administrator console

The following diagram illustrates the connections between the administrator console and other Infrastructure Management components. The ports listed in the diagram are default ports and the arrows indicate the direction of the connection requests.

Network ports used by the administrator console to communicate with Infrastructure Management servers

Ports used by the Infrastructure Management and Reporting databases

The following diagram illustrates the connections between the Infrastructure Management database server, the Infrastructure Management Server, the BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting Server, and the Reporting Engine Server. The ports listed are default ports and the arrows indicate the direction of the connection requests.

Network ports used in database-to-server communication between Infrastructure Management and Reporting

Ports required to integrate Infrastructure Management with BMC Atrium CMDB

Ports to enable Infrastructure Management and Reporting database integration

ComponentDefault port numberProtocolFunctionDefault statePort configurable
Infrastructure Management Server
Agent Controller12123

Agent Controller listens for JServer on this port.


EnabledDuring installation
Admin Cell1827TCP EnabledNo
Event Cell1828TCP EnabledNo
Report Engine server
Report Engine server3783TCP EnabledNo
Infrastructure Management Database Server
Database listenerOracle: 1521TCP Enabled 
SAP SQL Anywhere: 2638TCP Enabled 
TrueSight Operations Management Reporting Database Server
Database listenerOracle: 1521TCP Enabled 
 SAP SQL Anywhere: 2638 TCP Enabled 
BMC Server Automation port       
BMC Server Automation port9843 

BMC Server Automation port


EnabledDuring installation

Ports to enable integration with Atrium CMDB

ComponentDefault port numberProtocolNotesPort configurable
Infrastructure Management Server

Used as a gateway from the cell to Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk***


During installation
smmgr TCPTo configure smmgr, configure the ServerPort parameter inmcellHome/etc/cellName/smmgr.confYes
TCD specific port  To configure the TCD specific port, configure the C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\Conf\ar.conf file. 
Plugin port  To configure the plugin port, configure the C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\Conf\ar.conf file. 

BMC Atrium CMBD port


During installation
TCP (Notify plug-in)1840   
BMC Atrium Web Services
UDDI  To configure the UDDI port, C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\shared\tomcat\conf\server.xml 
Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk**
TCP3115 Must be configured on BMC Remedy AR Server 
TCP1828 Must be configured on BMC Remedy AR Server to communicate with the cell 
Other ports 1828 – 1840   


Port configuration

You can configure some ports during the installation and some only after the installation of the Infrastructure Management Server.

For information about securing port communication, see Internal port communication for Infrastructure Management Server.

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