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    You can view events on a remote cell if you configure the remote cell so that it can be viewed in the operator console. BMC recommends that you do not add a second cell as a remote cell. For example, if you have multiple server deployments with one master and two child servers, do not add the cells as remote cells.

    To configure a remote cell for viewing in the operator console

    1. Add an entry for the remote cell in the cell_info.list file located at installationDirectory \pw\pronto\conf by entering the following command:
      iadmin -ac name= remoteCellName: key=mc:primaryHost= hostName:primaryPort= portNumber:environment= environmentType:usergroups= userGroupNames
      The parameters are defined as follows:
      • remoteCellName—Name of the remote cell that you want to display as defined in the mcell.dir file
      • key—Encryption key of the cell; the default is mc
      • primaryHost hostName—Computer where the cell is located. Specify the computer name and the domain name.
      • portNumber—Port on which the remote cell is listening; the default is 1828
      • environmentType—Type of environment where the cell is used; must be either Production or Test
      • userGroupNames—Names of the user groups that can access the remote cell. To allow access to all user groups, enter an asterisk (*) . To specify only certain user groups, enter the group names separated by commas. If a user group contains spaces, enclose the entire entry for this group name with quotation marks.

        iadmin -ac"BPPPM Administrators, Read Only"


        If you are using the IPv6 address instead of the host name, ensure that the IPv6 address in enclosed in square parentheses []. This applies to both the primary and the secondary hosts. For example,
        iadmin -ac name=chas_cell3:

    2. Add an entry for the remote cell in the mcell.dir file located at installationDirectory\pw\server\etc as follows:
      cell cellNamemc computerNameWithDomain: portOnWhichCellIsInstalled
      For example, cell qa mc