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Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL helps ensure that Veritas Volume Manager installations run efficiently 24 hours a day.

Main features

Veritas Volume Manager KM for PATROL monitors:

  • Server: monitors the overall health of Veritas Volume Manager and its critical daemons.
  • Disks and Multi-Paths: monitors the health of disk devices and dynamic multi-pathing (DMP).
  • Logs: checks regularly for any errors in the system and event logs and monitors the log space utilization.
  • Logical Volumes: automatically discovers and monitors volumes, plexes, and subdisks.
  • Replication (VVR): monitors status and performance of replicated volume groups (RVGs) and replication links (RLINKs).
  • Performance: collects I/O performance statistics at disk, volume, plex & subdisk levels to help identify any bottlenecks.

Supported platforms

Veritas Volume Manager (included in InfoScale Foundation Suites) v5.0, 5.1, 6.x, and 7.x

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