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This solution monitors the Veritas NetBackup application within BMC TrueSight Operations Management to ensure it runs efficiently 24 hours a day. It notably:

  • ensures maximum backup application availability and maximum data protection
  • detects backup and restore errors
  • helps prevent backup system failures
  • detects disk or tapes space shortages
  • helps identify bottlenecks and optimize the backup policies.

Main features

This solution monitors:

  • Clients: state and status

  • Daemons: processor utilization, memory size, number of processes found, state and status

  • Catalog databases: space utilization, state and status

  • Devices: state and status, throughput of the standalone drive during the last backup activity

  • Disk pools: up/down state and status, number of volumes

  • Jobs: status, duration, data throughput and time elapsed since last backup, comparative statistics, etc.

  • Robotic libraries and drives: library and drive status, throughput, loaded media identification, etc.

  • Log Files: size, content, growth rate, file system space utilization, etc.

  • Mounts: elapsed time, state and status

  • Policy clients: files and file systems excluded from and included in backup, throughput, full backup and incremental backup information

  • Policies: elapsed time, throughput, full backup and incremental backup information

  • Server availability: status, memory and CPU time consumption, etc.

  • Disk storage and volume pools: space utilization, status, count, etc.

Supported platforms

Veritas NetBackup 5.0 and higher

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