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Veritas File System KM for PATROL helps ensure the availability and integrity of your VxFS environment. It not only monitors the availability, performance, capacity and growth of a Veritas File System but it also monitors and identifies user File System storage quotas.

Main features

Veritas File System KM for PATROL monitors:

  • Server: overall health of the Veritas File System node and the monitoring solution.
  • File Systems: automatically discovers and monitors all VxFS file systems, snapshots and checkpoint.
  • Quick I/O Files: reports on monitored, detected and enabled quick I/O files.
  • Performance: reports on data transfer rates, read/write operations, failed operations, response times, hit ratio, growth rates, etc.
  • Fragmentation: file system fragmentation is checked regularly for optimum performance (number of free blocks, percentage of allocated blocks, total number of files, directories, blocks, etc.)
  • Quotas: reports on quota limits and usage for users, groups and checkpoints and their status are monitored.
  • Logs: checks for any errors in system logs and monitors space used by the log file, percentage of capacity used by the log file, etc.

Supported platforms

Veritas File System (included in InfoScale Foundation Suites) v5.0, 5.1, 6.x, 7.x

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