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Veritas Cluster Server KM for PATROL helps ensure that Veritas Cluster Server installations run efficiently 24 hours a day.

Main features

Veritas Cluster Server KM for PATROL monitors:

  • Systems: each cluster node health, including the critical processes and system status.
  • Heartbeats between nodes and global clusters.
  • LLT and GAB protocol: health and memberships.
  • Resources & Service Groups: status of resources and their member system status.
  • Logs: checks for any errors in VCS logs and system logs regularly.
  • Agents: monitors the status of VCS agents for successful failover.
  • Automatic KM Failover: in the event of a VCS failover, the Veritas Cluster Server KM for PATROL continues monitoring through the new active node.

Supported platforms 

  • Veritas Cluster Server v6.0
  • Veritas InfoScale v7.x and higher

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