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Symantec Backup Exec KM for PATROL helps ensure the availability, maximum performance, and integrity of your Backup Exec server.

Main features

Symantec Backup Exec KM for PATROL monitors:

  • Server availability: status of the Symantec Backup Exec server processes.
  • Backup Exec Catalog: size, file system usage, etc.
  • Alerts: detection and analysis
  • Jobs: size, status, duration of all jobs
  • Media sets: total media capacity and capacity used, average number of mounts, etc.
  • Services: status, CPU memory and thread utilization, etc.
  • Drive and Drive pool: Tape Drive read and write transfer rates, number of errors detected with a tape drive and details on the type of error encountered (hard or soft during a read, write or seek operation); number of hours a device has been in use; number of mount operations completed by a tape device.

Supported platforms

Symantec Backup Exec v10 and above running on any Microsoft Windows platform

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