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This solution monitors and brings together performance and capacity monitoring for multi-vendor storage platforms into an all-in-one modern and highly-performant platform. Storage Analyzer KM for PATROL’s dynamic and flexible design is composed of a core engine and a library of storage adapters. This modular structure makes the addition of new supported platforms or updating of an existing platform monitoring much quicker and easier.

Main features

Consolidated Monitoring for Multi-Vendor Storage Systems

Storage Analyzer KM for PATROL consolidates storage monitoring, performance, and capacity metrics from multiple vendors within a single tool, providing administrators with a comprehensive insight into their storage environment. The solution gathers real-time performance data from heterogeneous storage systems into a single dashboard. It provides in-depth visibility on your monitored storage devices' current state to help rapidly detect and resolve storage bottlenecks, failures, and poor performance before they impact your business.

High-performance and Dynamic Architecture

Storage Analyzer KM for PATROL is designed to identify faults, undesirable trends, and abnormalities within your storage environment. The KM collects performance and capacity data that is made available into TrueSight OM or its Web interface. The dynamic and flexible design provides a modular structure that make the addition of new supported platforms or updating of an existing platform monitoring much quicker and easier.

Modern Web Interface

Storage Analyzer KM for PATROL offers an intuitive web-based interface designed to integrate with TrueSight Operation Management and prompted from TrueSight Presentation Server.

The solution can be configured and used via the Web interface of the Sentry Software’s Monitoring Studio. This interactive Web console facilitates live interaction with the PATROL Agent and provides a user-friendly environment to manage specific configuration operations.

Supported platforms

This solution monitors and manages multi-vendor storage systems with the same tool to detect performance issues and take proactive actions, such as:

  • Ceph (REST)
  • Dell EMC Isilon (REST)
  • Dell EMC SC Series (REST)
  • Dell EMC ScaleIO (REST)
  • Dell EMC VMAX (WBEM)
  • Dell EMC VMAX/PowerMax (REST)
  • Dell EMC XtremIO (REST)
  • Hitachi G Series (REST)
  • Huawei OceanStor (REST)
  • IBM DS888x (WBEM)
  • IBM Spectrum Scale (REST)
  • NetApp E-Series (REST)
  • NetApp SolidFire (REST)
  • Pure Storage FlashArray (RESTv1.x and REST API 2.4 and higher)
  • ...

For an exhaustive list of the supported manufacturers, please refer to the Storage Intelligence Library documentation.

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