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Pure Storage KM for PATROL leverages the Pure Storage REST API to collect all the information available about the storage system, volumes, controllers, I/O modules, ports, and hardware components and displays it in the BMC framework.

Main features

This solution monitors:

  • Presence and status of the chassis, controllers, I/O modules, NVRAM, physical disks, shelves.
  • Hardware components: fans, power supplies, other devices, etc.
  • Physical Disks: size and type.
  • Ports: presence, status, type, speed, etc.
  • Storage systems: capacity available and used, oversubscription situations, number of ports, response times, and traffic.
  • Volumes: capacity available and used, response time, time since last activity, traffic, hosts to which the volume is attached, paths, status, disk time utilization.

Supported platforms

Any Pure Storage flash array that supports Pure Storage REST API version 1.6 or higher

Additional resources

  • Read the User Documentation for detailed information about the product
  • Watch a short video about Sentry Software Storage Monitoring Solutions
  • Visit Sentry Software Web site for detailed information regarding our Storage Monitoring Solutions