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IBM Spectrum Protect (earlier known as Tivoli Storage Manager KM for PATROLmonitors the Tivoli Storage Manager application within BMC TrueSight Operations Management to ensure it runs efficiently 24 hours a day. It notably:

  • detects backup and restore errors
  • ensures maximum data protection and maximum availability
  • measures jobs progress
  • helps diagnosing server problems
  • analyzes trend
  • detects disk or tapes space shortages
  • ensures backups are successful
  • helps identify bottlenecks and optimize backup domains.

Main features

IBM Spectrum Protect KM for PATROL monitors the: 

  • Jobs: size, duration, throughput, time elapsed since last backup, number of objects and status
  • Server and Storage Agent availability: status memory and CPU time consumption
  • Internal server processes: monitoring of database backups, data migration and space reclamation
  • Server database and recovery logs: database and file system utilization, cache and buffer performance, time elapsed since last backup and database reorganization, etc.
  • Storage pools: space utilization, status, capacity, logical occupancy, growth rates, etc.
  • Libraries and drives: number of available drives, status, and number of scratch volumes loaded, etc.
  • Client: working status

Supported platforms

  • IBM Spectrum Protect (earlier known as Tivoli  Storage Manager) 5.1 and higher
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client (earlier known as Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive Client) 5.1 and higher

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