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This solution monitors the hardware of almost any server (physical, virtual, and blade servers) that compose your data center. No configuration is required, all the hardware components are automatically detected and brought into your BMC  framework. Because the Hardware Monitoring solution offers a single monitoring view, it is the perfect option to monitor a heterogeneous infrastructure.

Main features

This solution provides current and historical information through a centralized console. It collects and brings critical performance data and useful metrics into your BMC console and provides various features to help you manage your IT infrastructure.


  • Discover all of the internal components of servers, disk arrays, fiber switches and tape libraries.
  • Perform an inventory with detailed information about each device’s characteristics.


  • Disks: RAID controllers, hard disks, RAIDs, failure prediction, availability of the volumes.
  • Environment: temperature, internal voltages, power supplies, fans.
  • Critical components: processors, memory modules, ECC errors, failure prediction.
  • Network links: network adapters, link loss, negotiated speed, data traffic, bandwidth utilization.

Modern Web Interface

Version 10.x of Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL introduces an intuitive web-based interface designed to integrate with TrueSight Operation Management and prompted from TrueSight Presentation Server.

The solution can be configured and used via the Web interface of the Sentry Software’s Monitoring Studio. This interactive Web console facilitates live interaction with the PATROL Agent and provides a user-friendly environment to manage specific configuration operations.

Supported platforms

This solution monitors the hardware of almost any server and any SAN devices. For an exhaustive list of the supported manufacturers, please refer to the technical documentation.

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