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EMC NetWorker KM for PATROL helps ensure EMC Networker runs efficiently 24 hours a day as it:

  • detects backup and restore errors
  • monitors Storage/Library availability
  • detects abnormalities around backups and performances
  • helps identify bottlenecks and optimize the backup system performance.

Main features

EMC NetWorker KM for PATROL monitors the:

  • Server availability: status of all the processes.
  • Log files: monitoring of the daemon.log and messages files, size, etc.
  • Pending Media Events: monitoring of the media mount requests.
  • Bootstrap Messages: bootstrap settings verification, recommendations, etc.
  • Client Indexes: number of entries, usage as a percentage, and index size.
  • Devices: status of mounted volumes and history of volume mounts.
  • Save Groups and Save Sets: status, progress, size and duration.

Supported platforms

EMC NetWorker 8.x and higher

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