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This solution leverages the EMC SMI-S Provider to monitor all the key performance and hardware metrics of your EMC disk arrays. Data is regularly collected and brought into your BMC console to help you detect poor performance and defects before they impact your business.

Main features

The solution monitors the following components:

  • Disk Arrays: overall capacity, available space, overall traffic, available spare disks…
  • Controllers: CPU utilization, data traffic, cache statistics, response time…
  • Disk Groups: read byte rate, consumed and subscribed capacity...
  • Physical Disks: data traffic, disk time utilization, response time…
  • Storage Pools: size and capacity, consumed and subscribed capacity, oversubscription problems detection (thin provisioning) …
  • Volumes: data traffic, disk time utilization, response time, mapping, consumed capacity…
  • Control Station, Data Mover, DM Ethernet Ports, Filers, File Systems and NFS Servers (for EMC Celerra storage systems only)
  • Hardware components: batteries, fans, power supplies

Supported platforms

  • EMC Celerra
  • EMC CLARiiON CX Series (CX4 Series, CX3 Series, CX Series)
  • EMC Symmetrix DMX™Series (DMX-4, DMX-3, DMX-2)
  • EMC Symmetrix V-Max Series
  • EMC VNX Series
  • EMC NAS 8.1.0

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