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This solution leverages the SMI-S provider embedded into your Dell EMC Unity storage systems to monitor all the key performance and hardware metrics of your Dell EMC Unity storage systems. Data is regularly collected and brought into your BMC console to help you detect poor performance and defects before they impact your business.

Main features

The solution monitors the following components:

  • CIFS and NFS Servers: Status
  • Controllers: CPU utilization, memory available and used, status, and so on.
  • Ethernet and FC Ports: Presence, status, etc.
  • File Systems: Available and consumed capacity, list of CIFS shared, list of NFS exports, number of operations, data traffic, and so on.
  • Physical Disks: Disk time utilization, number of operations, presence, traffic, response time, status, and so on.
  • Storage Pools: Subscribed and consumed capacity, over subscription operation, number of operations, data traffic, and so on.
  • Storage Systems: Available and subscribed capacity, number of operations, number of ports, number of operations, data traffic, status, and so on.
  • Volumes: Consumed capacity, disk time utilization, list of hosts, host visible capacity, number of operations, paths, number of operations, data traffic, response times, status, time since last activity, and so on.
  • Hardware components: fans, power supplies

Supported platforms

Any Dell EMC Unity storage system that comes with the embedded SMI-S provider. It has been tested and validated with the SMI-S provider v4.1.2.

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