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The following list presents considerations when upgrading to BMC ProactiveNet 9.0:

  • Central Monitoring Repository. The Central Monitoring Repository is upgraded as part of the upgrade process. No separate action is required.
  • BMC PATROL Agents. To leverage Central Monitoring Administration functionality, upgrade all BMC PATROL Agents to version 9.0 or later to utilize the "phone home" capability. Updated agent installation utilities are available in the newly installed repository. Although earlier version of BMC PATROL Agents will continue to work as before, Central Monitoring Administration only works with version 9.0 or later.
  • Monitoring solutions. In addition to upgrading BMC PATROL Agents, upgrade monitoring solutions on agents that are configured through Central Monitoring Administration policies. Existing monitoring solutions continue to work, but if they need to be managed through a Central Monitoring policy, then they must be updated.


    You cannot configure all monitoring solutions through Central Monitoring Administration. For details, see Monitoring solutions configurable through Central Monitoring Administration.

  • BMC ProactiveNet Servers. If the previous deployment has multiple BMC ProactiveNet Servers, upgrade all servers to version 9.0 so that they will work with Central Monitoring Administration.
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