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This topic presents timing approximations for the following operations in an environment that includes event and impact management:

The following environment is used as a sample for the timing estimates.

Sample event management and impact management environment


Amount or value

Number of CIs

50 K

Number of service models


Number of levels


Number of events per day

400 K

Maximum number of CIs in a service model

20 K

Number of impact events out of 400 K

312 K

Stop and start times for a BMC ProactiveNet Server

The following table shows the amount of time necessary to stop and start a BMC ProactiveNet Server in a large environment with event and impact management.



Stop the server

2 min 10 sec

Start the server

9 minutes

Publish times

The following table shows the amount of time it takes to publish a new service model in each environment.


Publish time

Small (5 K CIs and relationships)

32 minutes

Medium (10 K CIs and relationships)

39 minutes

Large (20 K CIs and relationships)

1 hour

The following table shows the amount of time it takes to publish a service model in which 1,000 CIs and relationships are added, updated, or deleted. Times are measured on a large environment.


Publish time


16 minutes


19 minutes


30 minutes

Input/output operations per second for a BMC ProactiveNet Server and Database

The input/output operations per second (IOPS) in a BMC ProactiveNet Server networks is often measured by the number of read and write bytes per second for computer storage devices, such as the hard disk.

The following table presents hardware, software, and BMC ProactiveNet Server load details, and the resulting IOPS for the embedded Sybase Database on the BMC ProactiveNet Server.

Deployment details

Load details

BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service

Self-Monitoring Service, only

BMC ProactiveNet version


Operating system

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.0 (Santiago)

Number of processors



32 GB

Number of CIs

50 K

Number of events per day

400 K


BMC recommends up to 500 IOPS.

The following table shows different IOPS values for the database server.



I/O read operations/sec

20 K

I/O write operations/sec


I/O read bytes/sec


I/O write bytes/sec


Network bandwidth utilization between the BMC ProactiveNet Server and the BMC Atrium CMDB Server

In BMC ProactiveNet Server networks, the bandwidth is often measured as the amount of data that is transferred from the BMC ProactiveNet Integration Service to the BMC ProactiveNet Server over a specified period.

The following values show the network bandwidth utilization to transfer 5,000 CIs between the BMC ProactiveNet Server and BMC Atrium CMDB:

  • Average: 44 KB per second
  • Minimum: 5 KB per second
  • Maximum: 177 KB per second