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Consider the following general recommendations when using BMC ProactiveNet Server intelligent thresholds, as opposed to using PATROL Agent and monitoring solution thresholds:

  • Use BMC ProactiveNet Server intelligent thresholds for key performance indicator (KPI) metrics. These metrics benefit from the additional baseline filtering that is done with intelligent thresholds. Baselines are data monitoring patterns that are set based on previous data monitoring. There are three baselines: hourly, daily, and weekly.
  • Use PATROL Agent and monitoring solution thresholds for metrics that are binary in nature, such as availability and log file match monitoring. These metrics do not benefit from the baseline pattern.
    • Using PATROL Agent and monitoring solution thresholds potentially reduces the number of performance metrics that are brought into the BMC ProactiveNet Server and helps control the hardware sizing requirements on the server. Note that this benefit occurs only if you filter out the complete instance associated with that availability metric (no other performance metrics are required).
    • When you use PATROL Agent and monitoring solution thresholds, a smaller delay occurs in getting the event notification for the threshold breach. Note that this varies slightly, but generally performance metrics have a lag time because they are polled for at the Integration Service node, whereas the events from PATROL Agent are pushed all the way to the BMC ProactiveNet Server.
  • Completely new customer deployments (which have not been using PATROL previously) must leverage the BMC ProactiveNet Server intelligent thresholds as much as possible, considering the general recommendations and exceptions described in this topic.
  • Existing BMC PATROL customers must assess their dependencies on existing BMC PATROL generated threshold events before deciding to move to BMC ProactiveNet Server thresholds. On initial deployment, continue to use the BMC PATROL thresholds because there are likely to be existing dependencies on the BMC PATROL events being generated (either from the PATROL Agent location or the PATROL Event format – for example, integration with other notification systems, BMC Event Management cell rules, and recovery actions on the PATROL Agent).
  • You can move the KPI metrics from PATROL to BMC ProactiveNet Server thresholds incrementally, after deployment.


  • BMC ProactiveNet Server still generates abnormalities on all metrics (tagged as KPIs) that are collected at the BMC ProactiveNet Server level. This means that BMC ProactiveNet root cause analysis (RCA) still works without using the BMC ProactiveNet Server thresholds for alarming. However, the benefit of the baseline filtering will not be realized.
  • Because BMC ProactiveNet Server generates abnormalities on KPIs automatically (without explicit thresholds being set), the need for some of the lower level metrics that previously had monitoring solution - level thresholds set on them might be alleviated.

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