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If a monitoring solution is configured through a policy in Central Monitoring Administration, do not modify the configuration through a BMC PATROL tool, such as PATROL Configuration Manager or the pconfig commands. Modified configuration can be overwritten with the next policy update.

If your environment includes a BMC PATROL Agent that manages monitoring solutions configured through Central Monitoring Administration and configured through BMC PATROL tools, you have the following options:

  • (Recommended) Use a different BMC PATROL Agent for the different kinds of monitoring solutions. Use PATROL Configuration Manager or other PATROL consoles to manage the non-Central Monitoring Administration monitoring solutions.
  • (Recommended) If the latest release of the Central Monitoring Repository includes an updated monitoring solution that works with Central Monitoring Administration, upgrade the monitoring solution.
  • (Not Recommended) Manage the BMC PATROL Agent with PATROL Configuration Manager instead of Central Monitoring Administration.

Central Monitoring Administration does not completely replace all functionality available in PATROL Configuration Manager or PATROL Consoles. Use PATROL Configuration Manager or PATROL Consoles in the following situations:

  • If you did not set the Central Monitoring tag on the BMC PATROL Agent through the installation package or BMC Server Automation, then use PATROL Configuration Manager or the pconfig command.
  • Administer monitoring solutions which cannot be configured through Central Monitoring Administration.
  • Perform BMC PATROL Agent operations such as restart, purge, and kill.
  • Access menu commands, BMC PATROL Agent thresholds, and recovery actions.
  • Filter metrics that are collected on the BMC PATROL Agent, blackout, and PATROL thresholds.
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