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To use the BMC ProactiveNet Tenant View Portal, you must install BMC ProactiveNet server and BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Reporting.

The following table lists the supporting products and product versions required to use BMC ProactiveNet Tenant View Portal.


  • Although it is possible to install all the required products on a single computer, the following table lists the considerations and recommendations for production deployment.
  • Ensure that the system time of BMC ProactiveNet Server and report engine is correct for their respective time zones.
  • An error may occur when the Oracle server is installed on the same computer with Oracle client, due to incorrect sequence of Oracle path in PATH variable. To avoid this issue, set the client entry before the Oracle server entry in the path variable:
    PATH : D:\oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\bin;D:\oracle\product\11.2.0\db_1\bin;

Products and components required for reporting


Where to install

How to install


BMC ProactiveNet 9.0.00

On the computer on which you want to gather data and service events

See the documentation for BMC ProactiveNet 9.0.

Must be installed before you install BMC ProactiveNet Report Engine.

Oracle Database Enterprise edition with Partitioning option

On the computer different from the one on which you have installed BMC ProactiveNet server; can be installed on the same computer as BMC ProactiveNet Report Engine.

See the documentation for Oracle Database.

Must be installed before BMC ProactiveNet Report Engine. BMC Impact Portal users can continue to use BMC Datastore as the database.

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1

On a different computer than the one on which you plan to install BMC ProactiveNet Report Engine.

You can register here to access additional documentation on SAP BusinessObjects at the SAP BusinessObjects Indirect Client Knowledge Center.


BMC ProactiveNet Report Engine 9.0.00

On a computer different from the ones on which you have installed BMC ProactiveNet server and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.

See BMC ProactiveNet Report Engine.

Must be installed after BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management, Oracle Database, and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.

Oracle Database client

On the same computer on which you installed SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.

See the documentation for Oracle Database.

Must be installed after SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise. You do not need to install the client if you installed Oracle Database and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise on the same computer.