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The installation script for the BMC ProactiveNet Agent installs and starts the BMC Event Adapter. However, the installation script does not install Perl, which is required by the BMC Impact Event Adapters. You must separately install Perl 5.12 or later (32 bit) before you install the BMC Event Adapter.

To use the SNMP v3 adapter, you must install the following additional Perl modules:

Operating system

Required Perl module

Microsoft Windows

  • Win32 API


    The Win32 API is also required for 64 bit Microsoft Windows.


  • P5NCI-0.31
  • Module-Build-0.3607
  • ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.2703
  • Test-Exception-0.29
  • Sub-Uplevel-0.22
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1 Comment

  1. To make P5NCI compile successfully you might need to upgrade ExtUtils-ParseXS to version >2.21, i.e. 2.2206, as vanilla Perl 5.12 is being distributed with 2.21.

    From the ParseXS 2.21_01 release notes:
    - Workaround for empty newXS macro found in P5NCI [Goro Fuji]