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BMC Software highly recommends that you configure the BMC ProactiveNet Adapter for BMC TM ART to collect and backfill historical data points for BMC ProactiveNet versions 8.6.02 Service Pack 2 and later. This option is useful in the following cases:

  • The polling interval of the BMC TM ART Adapter is longer than the transaction execution interval in BMC TM ART. As a result, the BMC TM ART Adapter does not obtain all transaction response data points from BMC TM ART. For example, if the transaction execution interval in BMC TM ART is 5 minutes and the adapter's polling interval is 15 minutes, two out of every three transaction response data points are not collected.
  • A gap is detected in transaction response data points. This gap might be due to, for example, the following problems:
    • The adapter is delayed or cannot access BMC TM ART Central due to network or Central availability issues
    • A backlog in processing results in the BMC TM ART Central Application Server
    • Results backlog on the BMC TM ART Execution Server if BMC TM ART Central cannot access targets or has delayed data collection

Configuration of the Historical Data points feature is performed through the TMARTAdaptor.conf file, and it includes several major settings. These settings are discussed in the following sections.

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