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If you upgrade to BMC PATROL Agent version 9.0 from PATROL Agent version 3.9 or earlier, the PATROL Agent continues to forward events to the BMC ProactiveNet Cell without migration considerations. Events are forwarded even if your environment includes a BMC ProactiveNet Cell with event rules in Master Rule Language (MRL) or custom Knowledge Bases from PATROL Agent version 3.9.x or earlier.

Prevent duplicate events

To prevent duplicate events on the cell — that is, events from the PATROL Event Adapters and from the direct event integration — remove the configuration from the PATROL Event Adapters. If your PATROL Event Adapters are on a platform supported for PATROL Agents version 9.0, then you can completely phase out PATROL Event Adapters.

In an environment with more than one BMC PATROL Agent version, version 3.9.x and version 7.x, create new profiles for the PATROL Agent and remove the old profiles.

For BMC PATROL Agent event integration, the mc_ueid slot for PATROL events is hardcoded in the following format. If you use the mc_ueid slot in any event processing rule on the BMC ProactiveNet Cell, modify the rule.


The variables represent the following information:

  • <hostName> = PATROL Agent host name
  • <IPaddress> = IP address of the PATROL Agent host
  • <agentPort> = PATROL Agent listening port
  • <PATROLEventID> = Event ID of the event, within the context of triggering the PATROL Agent

For example:

mc_ueid =iBMC-JK4BVQ1@';

Backward compatibility

Although the BMC PATROL Agent is backward compatible (through the use of PATROL Event Adapters), BMC recommends using the PATROL Agent direct connection.

PATROL Agent and cell heartbeat

BMC PATROL Agent event integration automatically registers the PATROL Agent as a client to the BMC ProactiveNet Cell. The direct connection establishes a heartbeat with the Cell Set (for standalone and for high-availability). When the cell connects with the PATROL Agent, or when the connection is lost, the cell triggers a heartbeat event to identify the UP-DOWN status of the agent. The heartbeat UP event closes the heartbeat DOWN event for the same instance of the agent.


Event message for the heartbeat UP event:

msg='Monitored Cell is up again';

Event message for the heartbeat DOWN event:

msg='Monitored Cell is no longer responding';


If the cell goes down, the PATROL Agent triggers a connection attempt to the cell only if the agent has at least one event to forward. Until then, the agent does not show up in the cell and the heartbeat event status is not established. To ensure the heartbeat UP event for the agent in the cell, trigger a manual or custom event.

Configurable BAROC event class name

The BMC ProactiveNet Cell always expects the EVENT class in Basic Recorder of Objects in C (BAROC) format. Any different EVENT class must publish their events to the cell in the BAROC format, and they must mention the EVENT class name. For details about the BAROC format, see [BMC ProactiveNet Knowledge Base Development Reference Guide|PDFs^ProactiveNet_Knowledge_Base_Development_Guide_9.0.pdf].

The PATROL Agent event integration automatically pushes the event type PATROL_EV class to the cell. You can configure events from other classes, too.

The configuration entry to set the EVENT class for PATROL Agent-generated events is though the following variable:

{"/EventSetup/Format/BiiP3/class" = { REPLACE = "PATROL_EV" }

The default value of PATROL_EV for format BiiP3 can be overwritten by any event class that is available in BMC ProactiveNet Cell KB. For example, you can set to a more generic EVENT as follows:

{"/EventSetup/Format/BiiP3/class" = { REPLACE = "EVENT" }

The value of this variable should always be one of the BAROC event class names that are available in the BMC ProactiveNet Cell KB.

When upgrading, to avoid writing or modifying the old MRL, ensure that the BAROC event class name is the same as on the BMC ProactiveNet Cell KB.

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