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This topic describes high-level considerations when leveraging a BMC (BladeLogic) Server Automation integration to deploy monitoring installation packages. For details about BMC Server Automation integration with BMC ProactiveNet, see [BMC ProactiveNet User Guide.|PDFs^ProactiveNet_User_Guide_9.0.pdf]

Manually installing the BMC PATROL Agents on the managed nodes, and deploying and maintaining monitoring solution can be a tedious task. BMC recommends leveraging distribution software, such as BMC Server Automation, to help manage this task. The integration between BMC ProactiveNet and BMC Server Automation enable you to do the following actions:

  • Make all monitoring solution packages available on BMC Server Automation to create deployment jobs by using the BMC Server Automation Console.
  • Set the BMC PATROL Agent phone home and the Central Monitoring tag variables as part of the deployment job, and define the installation time properties in the BMC Server Automation Console if the defaults need to be tweaked.
  • Configure BMC Server Automation to automatically push repository updates to the managed nodes with minimal overhead. Repository updates can include registration of custom monitoring solutions, or updated solutions downloaded from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) .
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